PBL Number Two

The next idea I have for a guiding question allows the students more freedom to explore trends that they see throughout their lives. The guiding question is: Are there certain trends you see in any area of your own life? Are any of these trends significant statistically?

This project will allow students the opportunity to look at trends they see within their own lives. They will have to brainstorm all kinds of trends that they have noticed within their own life. After they have decided on the one trend they think is almost always true, they will have to collect data using small informal questionnaires on whatever their topic is. After they complete the data collection they will first determine if there was a trend by hand and then double check it with the data analysis software they used in the previous lesson.

At the end of the unit, the students will present their findings to their peers. If they did not find any significance to their trends they will be sure to show the understanding that while they did not find significance they did add to the knowledge base by showing that there were no trends in the area they studied.

This entire unit will fulfill TEKS from 111.37. Advanced Quantitative Reasoning course. This course was basically designed for PBL classes so it fits very well.

My TPACK fits well with these two projects because I have a background in data analysis within research studies. I was an exhibitor in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair as a senior in high school because I did a human behavior project using data analysis.


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