PBL Plan Number 1

I am a mathematics 8-12 teacher, and for this assignment I will use the TEKS from 111.37. Advanced Quantitative Reasoning course. This is an upper level high school mathematics course.This is a course designed for critical thinking about Mathematics. The major topic will be critical use of statistics.

My first driving question is: What statistic, if any, determines which team wins or loses a football game with the highest degree of accuracy?

This activity will give the students a chance to actively look at their schools and other schools statistics to determine if there is a statistic or multiple statistics that will predict the outcome of a game to a significant degree. They will first have to gather enough data to analyze. Then, they will have to break the data down and look for trends in the data.They will use computers to gather the data and after they have analyzed the data without computers for a few days, they will be introduced to data analysis software in a workshop to test their trends they believe they’ve found.

At the conclusion of the project, they will have to write a report that outlines their findings and any suggestions their group has for the football coaches on campus to improve their winning percentage.


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