Practical PBL

  1. What is the feasibility of incorporating PBL into your content area of focus?

Incorporating PBL into mathematics is not very appealing to me as an educator. I do not think that PBL meshes well with forming strong minded mathematicians. It does not give them the time they need to develop good math fundamentals.

  1. What are the challenges in implementing PBL in today’s classroom environment?

The biggest challenge that I have noticed in observing PBL classrooms are keeping students engaged when the teachers are not around then.

  1. What technologies can facilitate PBL?

Technology that facilitates PBL can really be anything depending on the project the students are working on. Most projects require at least the internet while many teachers choose to use the industry standards for technology within their chosen field to teach the students on.

  1. Briefly describe your 2 PBL ideas and include the link to your PBL blog post so that your classmates can see it.

My PBL has to do with critical analysis of statistics first within the confines of football and then analyzing different trends throughout their lives. The links are:




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