Discussion 3

  1. In your own words describe the characteristics of the types of tools in the category, and how the category connects to Bloom’s levels.

The tools are all for gathering and storing information. That is the lowest level of Blooms Taxonomy because it just helps you memorize information without making connections.

  1. Describe an “ah ha” moment that you had while working on this learning module.

When I downloaded the diigolet and realized how it worked after all my struggles in class a few weeks ago I really began to like what you could do on that site.

  1. Identify an additional tool to fit in the category and explain how it fits. Include the link to the tool for your classmates’ to investigate.

YouTube is already on the list, but I think Khan Academy could be its own tool because it is so in depth. It also helps students acquire and investigate different areas of learning.

Here is the link



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