PBL Acquisition Tool Assignment

I chose to use Diigo for my project.

    1. Teacher Use (worth 2 points): discuss what the teacher will do with the tool including practical issues such as instructional strategies, classroom management, time, access to technology, etc.

The teacher will use Diigo to allow students to share the statistics they find on different games with the entire class. It also will allow the teacher to check authenticity.

    1. Student Use (worth 2 points): discuss what the students will actively do with the tool including active, hands-on interaction and creation using the technology tool, and

The students can use Diigo to find stats from all different levels of football. That can lead to more discussions about different levels of football and different stats. Students also can share stats with each other via Diigo.

    1. Content Connections (worth 2 points): discuss how the tool connects to the content being explored including relevant TEKS).

Diigo is a tool that helps students collect data that can the satisfy all needs for the 111.37. Advanced Quantitative Reasoning course.

  1. Link to your newly created example artifact – make sure the link is publicly viewable to others (worth 2 points)


This link is to a site that has a sticky note right above the relevant stats.


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