Assignment 5 Blog

Create an informal summary of a lesson idea that connects to your PBL unit that includes the criteria below.
Teacher Use (worth 2 points): discuss what the teacher will do with the tool including practical issues such as instructional strategies, classroom management, time, access to technology, etc.,

The tool I plan to use is the wordle tool to see what the media seems to think important statistics are. But using this tool, the teacher will allow the students to analyze long articles in a very quick and effective method. This will help with classroom management and time as well because students will be engaged as opposed to dredging through long articles they really don’t want to read.

Student Use (worth 2 points): discuss what the students will actively do with the tool including active, hands-on interaction and creation using the technology tool.

The students will take five articles about football games and plug them into the wordle creator. After they have created all five, they will begin to look at each of them and decide if there is a common theme working through these articles based on word frequency. This is how they will decide if the media knows what they are talking about when it comes to important statistics.

Content Connections (worth 2 points): discuss how the tool connects to the content being explored including relevant TEKS).
This assignment pertains to the tens chosen because it is a form of research which falls into the teks for the class I am teaching out of.

The example of this assignment I have created is posted right below this post.

TXST vs Navy Wordle


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