Discussion 4

In your own words describe the characteristics of the types of tools in the category, and how the category connects to Bloom’s levels.

The tools in this category allow for a little deeper understanding then in the previous category. They allow the students to take information and molded into other, more pertinent, information. This is the second level of Blooms Taxonomy.

Describe an “ah ha” moment that you had while working on this learning module.

When we were sitting in class and was trying to decide how to pool articles into my assignment, and we did the example I really liked it. It allows students to analyze articles and actually have a concrete reason why they say things are important.

Identify an additional tool to fit in the category and explain how it fits. Include the link to the tool for your classmates’ to investigate.

I really struggled to come up with a tool that remixed the way that these do, but I did come across tool when visiting one of my friends that goes to UT that really blew my mind. They turn in assignments by taking a picture on their phone and submitting it to a picture database. I thought it was really cool and wanted to share it even though this may not be the right place.


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