Discussion 1 Blogs

  1. Blogging has become the defacto standard web method to communicate an individual’s or a company’s thoughts, principles, and beliefs. As an educator, how do you see this as a valuable communication vehicle (consider personal value for a teacher and value for students who get to have a hands-on experience and/or create their own blog as a part of your instruction)?

I think that blogs are a great vehicle for communication within the educational framework. They allow students to have a kind of one stop shop for everything they need within a classroom. I probably would not have students ever make a blog within a mathematics class, but I could see it in another subject area.

  1. How do you convince both your students and other educators to see blogging as a valuable form of academic writing?

I would simply point out the fact that the world is moving away from the traditional paper and pen methods of writing and communicating and if we are truly going to prepare our students for life they need to be fluent in the new e-writing styles.

  1. Finally, discuss your newly created blog. Explain what your overall intention was for the educational purpose of your blog, what inspired you to design it the way you did, what your favorite aspect is, and what you hope to learn how to incorporate/add/fix/etc in the future.

This new blog I have created is solely a learning experience for me. I am not a big technology person outside of education so I want to learn how this whole thing works for possible future use in a classroom but never for a personal use. I like the fact that everything I post will be here forever, but that also makes me a little bit nervous. Eventually, I would like to be confident enough in this whole blog deal to create one for my future classrooms.


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