Discussion 5

  1. In your own words describe the characteristics of the types of tools in the category, and how the category connects to Bloom’s levels.

These tools fall under the application, analysis, and synthesis levels of Blooms Taxonomy because the students are taking data and creating their own ideas about it.

  1. Describe an “ah ha” moment that you had while working on this learning module.

I really thought that just throwing a spreadsheet together would not take long. Once I got into it though I realized there were some decisions that had to be made about the format of it that required a little deeper thinking.

  1. Identify an additional tool to fit in the category and explain how it fits. Include the link to the tool for your classmates’ to investigate.

ask.fm is a tool that allows people to submit questions in anonymous form. We talked about it a little and the liabilities that come with it. But I still think it could be a good tool in certain situations.


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