Assignment 7

  1. Choose one tool from the Creation & Editing Tool category (or ask for approval to use another related tool that you have discovered). Create an informal summary of a lesson idea that connects to your PBL unit that includes the criteria below.
    1. Teacher Use (worth 2 points): discuss what the teacher will do with the tool including practical issues such as instructional strategies, classroom management, time, access to technology, etc.,

The teacher will be able to look at a document the students create and quickly identify the biggest statistic indicator that the students found in their research.

    1. Student Use (worth 2 points): discuss what the students will actively do with the tool including active, hands-on interaction and creation using the technology tool, and

The students will use artpad to create a drawing that displays the findings after they review all of their data.

    1. Content Connections (worth 2 points): discuss how the tool connects to the content being explored including relevant TEKS).

This tool satisfies the teks for the 111.37. Advanced Quantitative Reasoning course by allowing students to create an artifact to present their findings in a research project.

  1. Link to your newly created example artifact – make sure the link is publicly viewable to others (worth 2 points).


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