Assignment 8 Post

  1. Choose one or more tools from the Creation & Editing Tool – Part 2 category to create a digitalstory and an informal summary of a lesson idea that connects to your PBL unit. Submit the following information as part of a new post on your blog:
    • Teacher Use (worth 2 points): what the teacher will do with the tool including practical issues such as instructional strategies, classroom management, time, access to technology, etc.,

The teacher will use MovieMaker to evaluate the students research of reliable sources. The students will have to go into the community and interview someone who has some expertise in football about the most important statistic that was determined by their study.

    • Student Use (worth 2 points): what the students will actively do with the tool including active, hands-on interaction and creation using the technology tool, and

The students will get the unique opportunity to look at their research and determine if the communities perceptions fo important statistics are consistent with what actually determines the outcome of a game.

    • Content Connections (worth 2 points): how the tool(s) connect(s) to the content being explored including relevant TEKS).

This tool satisfies the teks for the 111.37. Advanced Quantitative Reasoning course because it allows them to test their conclusions drawn from their research.

    • Impact of Engaging in Digital Storytelling Process (worth 1 point): how the process of digital storytelling impacts student learning (i.e. creativity and negotiations that involve scriptwriting, storyboarding, recording one’s own voice, video editing process, etc.)

I thought this was a cool tool because it allows the students to create something that visually shows all that they have done within a unit. It allows them to present their findings in a professional way without too much expensive equipment.

  1. Create an example digitalstory artifact using the chosen tool(s) to serve as exemplar for your lesson idea (worth 4 points).

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