Assignment 9

My picture shows how my view of technology evolved over the semester from hating it to learning to like it a little more.

  • Visualize: Begin by looking back at your first assignment (A1: TPACK Beginnings). Create a revised version of the self-assessment Venn diagram of your own TPACK to show how you think about technology integration now at the end of the semester.

Personal- I use twitter, facebook, email, and instagram on a regular basis.

Professional- I use email, smartboards, and edmodo for class.

Both- I use email for both school and personal use.

  • Describe: Discuss how you perceive your TPACK to have changed throughout the semester (compare and contrast A1 with your newly revised version).

My TPACK did evolve a little bit over the course of the semester even though I am still set in my non trusting technology ways. I learned that technology can be a lot more reliable than I previously thought. I still do not feel like it is something that you should put all your trust into when designing a lesson. I could see myself using a technology now as a supplement to my lessons where as at the beginning of the semester I really did not think that mathematics had any place for technology.

  • PBL Impact: Discuss if the PBL unit planning experience had any impact on your evolving TPACK.

Using the PBL unit was very helpful within enhancing my TPACK because instead of just looking at the technology as a tool and not ever applying it I would start every assignment looking for the application of one of the acceptable tools to my PBL unit. This also made the assignments have a lot more direction than they would have if I would have just been making random artifacts.

  • Technology Framework Impact: Discuss if the scaffolded experience of using the “Practical Technology Integration Framework” had any impact on your evolving TPACK.

I really thought that it did because every week we built on something that we had learned before. For someone who is as technology challenged as I am, this gave me a level of comfort when starting the assignments. This allowed me to be much more confident and much more able to learn the material that was presented.

  • Implications for Future Practice: Discuss how you plan to apply your evolving TPACK to technology integration in your classroom practice in the future.

I could see myself using a little bit more technology now than I could before I took this class. I always planned on using the smartboard, but I never thought my use would go too much further than that. This class has taught me a variety of ways that I could integrate technology into my classroom.


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